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Every year we are looking for volunteers to help us organize the World Cup races.

Witnessing this spectacle up close as a volunteer is a unique experience! We count on your support to make it a success! If you would like to become part of the Lauberhorn family and support the "Horerennen" with your commitment - then register via Swiss Volunteers from October 2, 2023. Depending on your suitability and qualifications, various roles are available to help out at the International Lauberhorn Races. Friendliness, team spirit, flexibility, resilience and motivation are required for all assignments! We look forward to seeing you!

The tool will be open starting on 1st Octobre 2024. Thank you for your support! 

Working areas

The material center at Wengen train station is the contact point for the staff/volunteers. The material is collected there according to the planned deployment. The material center is the first point of contact for information, material and questions of all kinds. Among other things, the team prepares clothing/accreditation/food on a daily basis to support certain areas in preparation. Working hours can be early in the morning or in the evening.

The sliding team prepares/maintains the race track before, during and after racing and training. The skis are used to smooth out bumps of all kinds and the athletes' grooves. In addition, loose snow or fresh snow is removed from the track. This is always done in accordance with the instructions of the area manager or the assigned group leader. The sliding team also performs its tasks during an ongoing race or training session. This entails additional risks and increased pressure.

Special requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge and skills in ski racing
  • Good physical condition and stamina
  • quick comprehension
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Complete ski equipment incl. helmet (helmet compulsory)
  • sharp edges

Every year, up to 20,000 spectators follow the Lauberhorn race live along the downhill course. In cooperation with the organizing committee, suitable measures must be taken to keep spectators away from the race slopes and the event's infrastructure. The main tasks include

- preventing unauthorized persons from entering and driving on the slopes with stationary posts at key points along the downhill course
- checking and monitoring access authorization at special access points
- monitor barrier fences, other barriers, safety nets and buildings adjacent to the slope
- Prevent unauthorized persons from entering camera towers
- Check that people or objects are placed in front of the advertising boards
- Assist with the clearing work after the end of the race.

Special requirements:

  • Assertiveness
  • Take responsibility
  • High social competence
  • Skier or snowboarder:In (pedestrian use is limited)
  • Early riser

The gate judges check whether the skiers are passing through the gates correctly. The gate judge's duty to check begins when a competitor passes through the last gate which is above the first gate to be checked by him and ends when the skier passes through the last gate checked by him.  The goal judge must, on request, inform a skier if he has made a mistake that results in disqualification. The goalkeeper is also responsible for assisting with the reinsertion of goalposts that have been torn out.

Special requirements as a goalkeeper:

  • Excellent knowledge and skills in ski racing
  • Good physical condition and stamina
  • Knowledge of crampons on steep slopes
  • Good comprehension skills
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Complete ski equipment incl. helmet (helmet compulsory)
  • Sharp edges

Serving the volunteers in the morning and evening in our staff house. The staff also ensure that the staff house is tidy and clean. In the afternoon, they also prepare, pack and pick the packed lunches for the following day.

The main task is to check admission tickets (scanning digital tickets and in some cases handing out control wristbands). Checks take place at the following locations: 

  • Start (with skis)
  • Heliport (with skis)
  • Russisprung (with skis)
  • Hundschopf (with skis)
  • Wengernalp
  • Girmschbiel
  • Hanegg (with skis)
  • Allmend
  • Destination

The Access Control Media department is essentially responsible for the following tasks:  

  • Access control for teams and TV Live Boxes
  • Access control for the media room
  • Access control for the coach room
  • Access control to the Leader Box entrance
  • Access control mixed zone
  • Access control special entrance chairlift Innerwengen
  • Assistance with the flower ceremony in the finish area  

Special requirements:

  • Good language skills (GER/FR/EN)

The main tasks include:

  • Access control to the respective VIP areas
  • Scanning digital tickets and issuing VIP wristbands
  • Checking VIP wristbands
  • Support for security service
  • Providing general information

Special requirements:

  • Knowledge of foreign languages an advantage


The minimum age is 18, but membership is possible from the age of 16 with parental consent. If you are younger and interested in volunteering, please contact us directly. Depending on the area, an assignment may also be possible earlier.

No, the travel expenses are borne by each volunteer.

The accommodation in Wengen is allocated according to days of work, work areas and "first come-first served". The shared rooms (4-6 people) are in simple accommodation without much luxury, but cover basic needs. If you organize your own accommodation, you can claim an accommodation allowance.

A ski jacket will be provided for your use. The rest of your clothing must be suitable for snow. This jacket will be returned to the material center at the end of the mission. The jackets are not available for purchase.

Username: firstname_lastname

Unfortunately, it is not possible to register via Swissvolounteers without an e-mail address. However, you can easily create a new e-mail address (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, GMX) and check it regularly.

Unfortunately, participation is only possible if you have an active e-mail address and check it regularly.

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We are here for you!

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