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Myth and magic. Heroes and records. Speed and spectacles. Show and atmosphere. That is Home of Legends. That's the Lauberhorn Races

Welcome to the Home of Legends

Legendary! They definitely are: the Lauberhorn and its slopes. And then, always in January, they unite to form the longest downhill run in the world. And to this one slalom, full of cliffs and transitions, everything is demanded from the skiers. The Lauberhorn races promise spectacle, great cinema and a ski festival of superlatives. A promise that they have reliably kept for almost a hundred years. At least almost reliably because sometimes, only rarely, a snow cloud (or was it a bug?) that has gone out of control interferes. But on the other hand, mostly unnoticed, the "Horerennen" are the birthplace of the legends of our time. You think that sounds a bit exaggerated? Great ski races okay, but birthplace of legends?

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Willkommen in der Heimat der Legenden

The Hundschopf

So what now: Dog's head or dog's hair? The former could be explained by the fact that the "Hundschopf" is indeed similar to the head of a dog. The latter could mean "Schopf" the synonym for "hair" and with "Hundschopf" therefore, the mane of a dog is meant. But as an old-established native of Wengen reported, "Schopf" is also the native Wengen expression for "stone". And what happens when a stone in Wengen looks like a dog? Voilà ... it becomes a Hundschopf. You're welcome!