92nd Int. Lauberhorn Races January 14 - 16, 2022


In cooperation with the cantonal and national authorities as well as the national association Swiss Ski and the International Ski Federation FIS, a protection concept was drawn up for the staging of the International Lauberhorn Races in Wengen.

The protection concept is the basis for all activities on site and concerns the entire event area. We ask you to read the protection concept in detail and to adhere to it strictly.

> The Annex Red must be signed and brought with the Team-C when picking up the accreditation.

Covid-19-Hotline (open from January 4, 6am - midnight)

> COVID-19 protection concept Wengen

> Annex Red in German
> Annex Red in English

> Swiss-Ski basic protection concept  
> Link to protection concept Hotellerie Suisse 
> Link to GastroSuisse protection concept 
> Link to protection concept Seilbahnen Schweiz 

Protective masks
At the FIS Ski World Cup Wengen, masks are compulsory on the entire event area. Athletes in competition are exempt from the mask obligation, further exceptions can be seen in the appendix of the colour group red.

Our principles
The health of all those involved has the highest priority. In order to guarantee this, we adhere to the following guidelines: